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Who we are & our History

Fresh, Organic & Local

Scottsdale Specialty Produce Company was a dream of ten years working, to come true for these three passionate, hardworking, honest men, Tony Wolkow has worked in the produce restaurant industry for a combined 45 years of executive, management, purchasing, sales and marketing for fortune 500 companies, from family owned companies and opening new produce companies in markets across the US. Scottsdale Specialty business model is built to supply creative culinarians with local food products they need, when they need them. Our goal is to remove the Chef’s hassles and concerns by offering the finest customer service from time of order creation to actual delivery.

Our organic, local and fresh produce, specialty cheeses, dairy and meat inventory is vast and comprehensive. We also supply the necessary fresh produce and specialty ingredients for many ethnic and foreign cuisine. Apart from our standard items, Scottsdale Specialty has hard-to-find fresh and local produce as well as seasonal and connoisseur produce.

Scottsdale Specialty provides customers many competitive benefits, including these critical three:
First, we procure the highest quality along with our food defense standards of fresh produce before other fresh produce companies in Arizona.

Second, the streamlined structure of our Company permits us to source produce straight from the grower rather than a broker. Which gives our customers competitive pricing year round.

Third, we have numerous produce distributors, including local growers, ensuring our clients have an adequate stock of the organic and fresh local and specialty produce they require.

Become a customer and start enjoying the benefits of being affiliated with Scottsdale Specialty Produce Company the leading fresh local produce and specialty products supplied to five star, five diamond restaurants, resorts, hospitals and schools in Arizona. If we can’t find it no one can!